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Updated 20 Jan  2019

Sermons are available as MP3 audio file. Sermons from the past year can be downloaded from this site by clicking on (Download MP3) adjacent to the sermon required and then clicking on the appropriate date on the Links Page.


Sermons Downloadable in MP3 Format from this site:



20 Jan 2019—Ian Wilson (Nehemiah 4:7-14; 5:1-13; 6:15-16) (Download MP3)


13 Jan 2019—Aman Gupta (Nehemiah 1:1-11) (Download MP3)


06 Jan 2019—Michael Pomerenke (Judging Others—Forgiving Them)  (Download MP3)


30 Dec 2018—Stuart Simmonds (Esther 4)  (Download MP3)


25 Dec 2018—Aman Gupta (Christmas Message 2) (Download MP3)


23 Dec 2018—Aman Gupta (Christmas Message) (Download MP3)


16 Dec 2018—Ian Wilson (Esther 6:6-11; 7:3-10; 9:1-2) (Download MP3)


09 Dec 2018—Aman Gupta (Be an Andrew)  (Download MP3)


02 Dec 2018—Aman Gupta  (Ezra 4:1-7; 5:1-5; 6:13-22)  (Download MP3)


25 Nov 2018—Michael Pomerenke (Parable of the Talents) (Download MP3)


18 Nov 2018—Maria Bell (Ezra 1: 1-8; 3:1-13)  (Download MP3)


11 Nov 2018—Aman Gupta (Daniel 6)  (Download MP3, PowerPoint)


10 Nov 2018—Dr Tas Walker (Science & Faith + Q&A Session) (Download MP3)


04 Nov 2018—Ian Wilson (Daniel 5: 1-9; 13-31) (Download MP3)


28 Oct 2018—Stuart Simmonds (Daniel 3: 8-30)  (Download MP3)


21 Oct 2018—Aman Gupta (Daniel 1: 1-21)  (Download MP3)


14 Oct 2018—Dr Tas Walker, Creation Ministries’ speaker (Download MP3)


07 Oct 2018—Aman Gupta (Strangers on Mission) (Download MP3, PowerPoint)


30 Sep 2018—John Coman (Psalm 103: 1-5)  (Download MP3, PowerPoint)


23 Sep 2018—David Paksoal (What About Samaria?) (Download MP3, PowerPoint)


16 Sep 2018—Aman Gupta (God and Science Pt 2)  (Download PowerPoint)


09 Sep 2018—Aman Gupta  (God and Science Pt 1)  (Download MP3)


02 Sep 2018—Stuart Simmonds (God Who Answers Prayer)  (Download MP3)


26 Aug 2018—Michael Pomerenke (Spiritual Gifts)  (Download MP3)


19 Aug 2018—Mary Wilson (Rev 3:20)  (Download MP3)


12 Aug 2018—Aman Gupta (Ezk 37: 1-14)  (Download MP3)


05 Aug 2018—Ian Wilson (2 Chron 36; Jer 38)  (Download MP3)


29 Jul 2018—Stuart Simmonds  (Jeremiah 17; 31) (Download MP3)


22 Jul 2018—Aman Gupta (Jeremiah 1)  (Download MP3)


15 Jul 2018—Viv Tidmarsh (Joel 1-2)  (Download MP3)


08 Jul 2018—Aman Gupta (Jonah)  (Download MP3)


01 Jul 2018—Maria Bell (Hosea 1-3) (Download MP3)


24 Jun 2018—Stuart Simmonds (2Kings 19) (Download MP3)


17 Jun 2018—Aman Gupta (Isaiah 53)  (Download MP3)


10 Jun 2018—Rob Carlyle (Isaiah 6)  (Download MP3)


03 Jun 2018—Ian Wilson (2Kings 5: 1-19)  (Download MP3)


27 May 2018—Aman Gupta (1Kings 19)  (Download MP3)


20 May 2018—Michael Pomerenke (The Body after Death)  (Download MP3)


13 May 2018—Stuart Simmonds (1Kings 18)  (Download MP3)


29 Apr 2018—Maria Bell (Psalm 23)  (Download MP3)


22 Apr 2018—Aman Gupta (Psalm 22) (Download MP3)


15 Apr 2018—Ian Wilson (Psalm 4)  (Download MP3)


08 Apr 2018—Stuart Simmonds (Christ the Cornerstone) (Download MP3)


25 Mar 2018—Michael Pomerenke (Biblical Types/Typology) (Download MP3)


18 Mar 2018—Aman Gupta (Psalm 8—Worship)  (Download MP3)


11 Mar 2018—Mary Wilson (It’s All Grace)  (Download MP3)


04 Mar 2018—Stuart Simmonds (Praises—Psalms)  (Download MP3)


25 Feb 2018—Maria Bell (Ecclesiastes)  (Download MP3)


18 Feb 2018—Aman Gupta  (Job and Suffering)  (Download MP3)


11 Feb 2018—Aman Gupta (Foolishness of a Once-Wise King) (Download MP3)


04 Feb 2018—Vivienne Tidmarsh (Solomon Builds the Temple) (Download MP3)


28 Jan 2018—Michael Pomerenke (Satan and the Demons)  (Download MP3)


21 Jan 2018—Aman Gupta  (Wisdom—Proverbs)  (Download MP3)


14 Jan 2018—Ian Wilson (Solomon)  (Download MP3)


07 Jan 2018—Stuart Simmonds (Download MP3)